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ZnO Single Crystal

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Technical specification 


ZnO single crystal blocks
ZnO single crystals grown by hydrothermal method. Twins, cracks, needles are not allowed.
Dimensions: 26.5 x 26.5 x 7.5-16 (Z) mm, 21 x21x 7.5-16 (Z) mm, 10 x10x 7.5-16 (Z) mm
Tolerance: +0.2 / -0 mm
Orientation: Zn surface [0001], O surface [000-1]
                    Orientation deviation of O surface ±15’
                    X, Y sides deviation ± 30’
Surface finish: Zn surface is not processed, other surfaces are grinded Ra < 1.0 μm 

Inclusions Allowed;
Sizes, μm                               Quantity, pcs/cm3
100-150                                              0.5
75-100                                               1.0
50-75                                                 1.5
25-50                                                 2.0
<25                                                   3.0
The total quantity of inclusions should be <3.5 pcs./cm3 



Technical specification  


1. Material
Single crystal zincite,hydrothermally grown (ZnO); - twins and cracks are not allowed

2. Dimensions, mm
 Please request dimensional table with tolerances.

3. Orientation.
3.1. Orientation of surfaces Z: Zn - [0001] , О - [000-1] ;
3.2. Deviation of surface orientation Z (O and Zn) from crystallographic axes – not more than 30’,

4. Processing.
4.1. Both sides are polished.
4.2 O-face is polished for epitaxy. Surface roughness (Ra): <=10A
Scratches in the working zone (1,5 mm from the wafer edge) are not allowed. 


5. Marking.
Identification flat edges C and F are according to the drawing.



 Gemma Korea Corporation is an exclusive seller of origin products by hydrothermal manufacturer in Russia. We are selling these products to all companies, universities and research centers in Japan, Taiwan, U.S.A and European area. 





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ZnO Single Crystal