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Hydroxyapatite for face lifting derma filler

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 - Solid state synthesis -too big grains and not uniform properties of particles because of slow diffusion in solid state
- Aqueous precipitation- low degree of crystallinity, other phosphate phases can appear;
- Hydrothermal- high and low degree of crystallinity achievable, single phase of HAP, require special autoclave equipment;
- Sol-gel- same issues as in aqueous precipitation;
- Self-propogation combustion- low cristallinity after calcination


  - High crystallinity degree of HAP possible to be achieved using hydrothermal method only because

temperature of synthesis must be over 250 centigrade in aqueous solution
- High crystallinity degree HAP is best substrate for collagen formation because lattice match
- Resorbability of high crystallinity degree HAP could be adjusted by Ca/P ratio to desired value
- Biocompatible undoped nano HAP powder with high crystallinity degree
- Nano size provide high surface area that is important to achieve collagen stimulation effect with minimum quantity of HAP material applied
- High crystallinity degree of hydrothermal HAP mean good substrate for collagen formation
- Resorbability could be controled by Ca/P ratio